Paper treatment

In cooperation with Aquaflex, we create technologies for the production of paper and cardboard.


Proper biocidal treatment design allows you to limit the growth of bacteria, fungi and algae.


Recycling of moisture-resistant papers, whether it is cellulose, leaves or decorations.


Acquaflex's Bluesilk line was developed to provide the market with chemical additives that can increase the quality.


Acquaflex technology for retention treatments, guarantees wet end control in the production of paper machines.

Additional services

Additional paper treatment services we provide:



The progressive cycle of the cycle and the quality of the calorie of the substance first imprinted in the fibrosis determined the end years and the progressive increase in discomfort caused by the state of adhesive or thermoplastic evidence of original fibers (resins) or recycled.

Slope and stickiness increase the number of breaks, reduce the quality of the finished product, facilitate the creation of microbiological sludge, sports ladder, dirty drying cylinders.

According to Acquaflex deposit control issues, a basic technology based on a natural solution has been developed in the acquisition solution; The imperative of these solutions drastically reduces the adhesion of the resin and sticks to the constant removal of the process by reflux.



Procedures that enable the prevention of soiling and / or cleaning of formation cloths and wet felts with the use of reduced amounts of additives that are applied in ways that do not change the chemical and physical parameters of process water and that do not create discomfort in case of overdose.

  • Cationic passivating agents for shaping cloths and wet felts
  • Nonionic passivation agents for formation cloths and wet felts
  • Continuous cleaning treatments (application to high pressure rods)
  • Specific treatments for paper machines that use moisture-resistant resins
  • Batch on the fly felt washing systems

Air conditioning of canvas and dry cylinders - WIRETECH TECHNOLOGY

The presence of organic deposits on cloths or drying cylinders reduces the efficiency of the paper machine and causes a reduction in the quality of the finished product: to prevent the formation of such deposits.

The idea behind this technology is the continuous chemical conditioning of cylinders and / or drying cloths to avoid or significantly slow down the adhesion of organic substances with adhesive properties to them. The protective film has a minimum thickness that absolutely does not change the heat transfer coefficient of the cylinder surfaces.

The range of recording products is wide and proper conditioning is selected according to the characteristics of the machine, the type of production and the fibrous raw material used.

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